atletico online - by Luis de Barros

This domain is being used to develop a pilot online soccer management game.

The game "atletico online" will be based on the popular soccer manager game Football Fanatic.
Footy (the cute shortform) was released by Thunderbear Software Creations originally in 1994 in the BBS scene in South-Western Ontario. In the fall of 1996 we released it on the web as shareware and it became freeware in the summer of 1999. The game has been downloaded over 860,000 times from the TSC site during all these years.

It was programmed by myself (Luis de Barros), along with the help of Geoffrey Downey, Derek Fobe, Chris McDermitt, Adam Ranville, and Doug Bulgin.

Luis de Barros

Update: I've been working on Footy again and started doing some improvements. Partly to review the code that I wrote six years and to prepare myself for the undertaking that atletico online will be.
Check out the Footy home page.